Woah wait, a blog??


Yes, a blog post!!

it's here


So, like, I have a few post ideas already, but they were all on hold until I actually had a working site going to post them on. ... So expect those to come out some time.

I'm still in the process of thinking what should I feel this site with, besides the blog posts part, but future me will figure that out.

you, the reader, now be like:

Woah wait, but how are you writing a site? is, it, like, a site generator or.. a silly content management system? You're writing this with Wordpress aren't you?

W-wait no...

The site is statically generated. I use 11ty which has been pretty nice up 'till now, it's pretty fun to work with. Definitely more fun than working with something like Hugo, since I had to do the project directory structure by myself; I basically did everything from scratch rather than getting a Hugo theme or something. (git in the footer btw)

Anyway, see you with more posts hopefuly!!