My website woao lmao

(yes it's finally here)

Hewwo, I'm Cheri

or.. Cherri, Cherii, Cherie .. and possibly even more names.

Why don't you come climb up the cherry tree with me?
Watch the plain from above...

Taste some cherries if they are ripe...
...maybe steal some for later too

Or admire the blooming flowers...

Depends on the season, no?

yes? let's go >:3

(idk why you would want to read random text I put on here but I am flattered you do)

By the way this site is a big work in progress! Yes, huge construction sight going on here.

now what?
hm.. how about this?

Some other pages yay

Some stuffs I do on the interwebs!

How I computers - bip bup


Enjoy... browsing around!

There's also them bloggies on that button on top.