oh right

there's... things I do!!!

you: woa cheri what u doing then?
Eehehej, glad you asked!

Did you ever hear about

How couldn't you ever hear about

It is the coolest fediverse instance out there! There's a good chance you know me from there actually.

But on the same domain there's also a Matrix and XMPP server... It's uhh multiple things. You can read about it all on though!

I've been running it for a while by now...

Maybe writing a little blog post about how it came to be would be a nice idea... This is a note for myself yes.

Oh I am also.. streaming sometimes!!! That is on :3.

I-I don't know.. It's games most of the times but we'll see. I usually post on Fedi about my stream plans.

And VODs are on my Peertube channel

why did I share this so openly aaaAAAA